Blood pressure is heavily influenced by diet and activity. That’s why is so easy for us to lose control of it.

High blood pressure can damage a layer in your vascular structure called the endothelium, it’s responsible for producing and releasing nitric oxide which helps the vessels to dilate.

In some cases when the endothelium is damaged not only does it not release enough nitric oxide but the nitric oxide it does release reacts with the damaged tissue causing it to do the opposite and contract instead  right when your body needs it to dilate.

If your blood pressure high for a number of years damage to the endothelium can become severe enough to increase the risk of complication like angina, heart attack and stroke.


If you have high blood pressure speak to your physician before making changes to your diet especially if you are on medication.

There is a way to promote endothelium function and that’s by getting as much nitrate into your diet as possible ,lucky for us root and leafy vegetables are packed full of nitrates, the best sources to get nitric oxide is from:

  • Arugula lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Beetroot
  • Celery
  • Lettuce

Studies show that 250ml of concentrated beetroot juice per day over four weeks can reduce blood pressure levels in those with high blood pressure.

There is strong evidence that these nitrate rich foods and drinks promote vascular health and can have a positive impact on your blood pressure levels.

Build this into your health and can have a positive impact on your blood pressure levels.

Build these into your health plan alongside other good habits like picking up your activity levels and cutting saturated fats from your diet.

Putting the right things in and taking the wrong things out of your diet can been difficult. This guide will help you make the right choices if you have high blood pressure:


beet juice                  juice pomegranate

  1. MAGNESIUM– Magnesium is needed for muscles to relax after contraction and may help with high blood pressure, get it from dark green vegetables such as spinach, Brussels, sprouts, whole grains such as brown rice, nuts, seeds such as raw cashew nuts, sesame, and pumpkin seeds.
  2. POMEGRANATE-It has a number of beneficial properties that help it to disrupts plaque formation in the arteries and generally improve the cardiovascular health, stir pomegranate seeds into plain natural and sprinkle ground flax seeds on top. Get plenty by drinking a small glass of pomegranate juice with no added juice daily.
  3. ANTIOXIDANT AND VITAMIN C-antioxidants and vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables include carrots, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels, sprouts, watercress, cabbage, tomatoes, kiwi, kale, blueberries.
  4. RAW GARLIC-Smelly breath may be worth your while if blood pressure is a concern for you. Garlic contains allicin a natural antibiotic and is linked to dramatic blood pressure improvements.it needs to be raw and plentiful so think about adding it to an olive oil and lemon juice salad dressing or stir it in at the end of cooking.
  5. BEETROOT-beetroot contains nitrates which support vasodilation which in turn reduces blood pressure. Try juicing beetroot with carrot, apple and ginger, you can also roast it or grate it into salad.
  6. OILY FISH-it contains anti-inflammatory essential fats also known as good cholesterol.
  7. FIBER– increase the fiber start the day with plain unsweetened, unsalted porridge sprinkled with ground flaxseeds, snack on raw nuts and carrots and celery sticks. Switch all carbohydrates to whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta and quinoa. Add pulses to soups and stews and have an extra portion of vegetables or salad with your sandwich instead crisp.
  8. Celery helps blood vessels expand and helps to prevent high blood pressure.

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